Counseling Today, March 2022:

Two Years In: Reflecting on Counseling During a Pandemic

Swarthmore College Bulletin, Spring 2021:

“Healing Through Curiosity”

The Lindenwood Review, Issue 11:

The Danger of Landing

Counseling Today online:

Loving What May Sting: In Literature and In Therapy

Psychology Today Blog:

The Impact of Respecting Another Person’s Gender”

“The Reality of Pre-Inauguration Stress”

“Diagnosed with COVID: Now What?”

“Relationships Divided by Politics or Pandemic?”

New York Times Well Blog: “Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Food Allergies and Autumn Quinoa”

New York Times Cooking: Autumn Quinoa Recipe

Huffington Post Blog:

“First Day of Therapy? Know This”

“What Does Your Therapist Think at the End of the Day?”

“10 Questions to Ask When Cooking for Restricted Eaters”

“7 Ways to Talk About Food Allergies”

“5 Ways to Get Yourself Cooking”

“Panic During the Debates: 5 Stress Management Strategies”

“5 Strategies to Manage Holiday Stress”

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